What is Engine Bomb ?

Engine Bomb is 
       Explosion Class Racing

Engine Bomb is a website that contains street legal vehicles anyone can buy, create, and drive. Dealerships sell vehicles that citizens can buy, customize, drive, and race. Company(s) purchase dealership vehicles in order to customize them for competition racing. Company(s), crew, and drivers win money for their winning race car. Competition racing similar to NASCAR or Formula Racing contains street illegal vehicles known as track cars. Street class drivers buy, customize, and drive cars that are street legal. "Driver's License Class A" and "Class B" cars can be customized for heavy objects, dangerous environments, and financial success. "Driver's License Class C" cars can be (1) customized for street legal driving and (2) customized illegally for race track driving. Engine Bomb contains street legal racecars.
[ Car engines contain measured explosions inside of a block of metal. The block of metal (an engine) cannot crack or break from these explosions. The block of metal (an engine) does get damaged from these explosions. The explosions are fueled from the gas tank and the electric battery. The explosions push the engine's piston and move the car's wheels. Car engines can be the same engine for airplanes, helicopters, "Driver's License Class A" and "Class B" vehicles, cars, etc...
Competition racing known as NASCAR and Formula Racing exist with the intention to damage and break the car's engine using these explosions. The larger explosions equal a faster vehicle. Damage and explosions are measured. The car and environment around the car are measured. Car company(s) take measurements and work together using their collected measurements. It is legal to create and legal to drive illegal cars because the explosions created are always measured. ]

The EngineBomb.com icon is the "check engine" light someone would find on a car's dashboard that only flashes and turns on if the car's engine needs repair. A damaged engine can cause serious injury and even death. Be sure to contact your car insurance company or car dealership regarding what to do when your check engine light turns on.